Rollover Item Feed API


This URL has just a few arguments:

REQUIRED arguments: id_publication or id_issue or (pid and co and pubid and pc)

  • id_publication: It is the same as the “m=“ value in the auto-updating URLs. This directive instructs the feed to return the rollover feed of the latest issue for the publication specified.
  • id_issue: this is the unique identifier for the specific issue within the publication.  This directive instructs the feed to return the rollover feed of the specific issue specified.
  • pid: This is the Geo Pub ID
  • co: This is the country of origin for the postal code
  • pubid: It is your publisher id
  • pc: This is the postal code

OPTIONAL arguments:

  • out: Here set to “json”, this specifies the format of the output.  Acceptable values are “json” or “xml”.
  • current:  If set to 1.  This option must be paired with id_publication above and instructs the feed to return the latest issue within the specified publication that has a start_date of today or earlier.  For example, if today is 5/11 and there are two active issues within a publication - one dated 5/5 and another dated 5/12 - the rollovers for the 5/5 issues will return.

The above JSON feed URL is available on both HTTP and HTTPS is required.


  "rollovers": {
    "rollover": [
 //Publication Name
 "publication_name": "Retail Circular”, 

 //Link to Digital Edition
 "circular_url": "",  

 //Issue Name 
  "issue_name": "Circular Lily",
 //Issue ID
 "issue_id": "346022",  
 //Rollover Title
 "title": "Moore & Sons Children's Cough Syrup",  

 //Rollover Description      
 "description": "148 ml (5 fl oz) bottle. Comes in 2 flavors: Cherry & Orange",     

 //Link to Small Rollover Image
 "imageURL": "",        
 //Link to Large Rollover Image
 "imageLargeURL": "",        
 //Price Text
 "price_description": "25% OFF",        
 //Unit of measurement (e.g., "each" - here not set)
 "unit_name": "",        

 //Link Directly to Rollover in the Digital Edition
 "offer_url": "",        
 //Category information for the Rollover
 "rollover_category_id": "0",
 "rollover_category_name": "",        

 //Brand information for the Rollover (here not set)
 "rollover_brand": "0",  

 //SKU information of Rollover      
 "rollover_sku": "some_sku6",
 "sku_price": "",  

 //Information of granular item within Rollover (here not set, infrequently used)      
 "sku_category_id": "",
 "sku_category_name": "",
 "sku_brand": "",
 "sku_sku": "",

 //Whether this Rollover is flagged as featured        
 "rollover_featured": "false", 

 //Additional option text within footer       
 "rollover_footer": "",        
 //Start and end date of this Rollover
 "start_date": "Thu, 06 Oct 2016 0:00:00 EDT",
 "end_date": "Thu, 13 Oct 2016 0:00:00 EDT",        
 //Unique ID for this Rollover
 "id": "1224646"