How To Create A Table Of Contents (TOC)

1. From your dashboard, click "Setup"

1. From your dashboard, click "Setup"

2. Click "Setup/Edit Articles"

2. Click "Setup/Edit Articles"

3. Select the desired publication.

4. Select the desired issue.

5. Click "Add New Article"

6. Enter the article's Title

7. Enter the article's Author name (if listed)

8. Select the appropriate Section association, also known as "Container"

9. Select the appropriate Page association

10. Select "Create"


  • "Do not link LilyPad article to replica page" - select this option if the article is not associated to replica PDF page. This will suppress the link from the enhanced article to the page replica.
  • "This is an advertisement" - Select this option to associate an article to an Advertiser for analytics and/or styling purposes.

11. Repeat Steps 5 thru 10 for every item that should be included in the TOC