New Publication

AMP Articles - Accelerated Mobile Pages. Enable integration with AMP Articles for article content.

App Banner - (Native iOS App Feature ONLY) upload an app banner to  appear in the issue gallery. An app banner is a horizontal ad that will  appear at the top of the screen in the issue gallery

App Banner Function - once an app banner has been uploaded, you will proceed to select "URL"

App Banner URL - the URL that is associated to the app banner

Archive Sidebar - a column of cover thumbnails of the archived issues  that can be customized by selecting the position, title, and color  theme of the sidebar

Category - categorize the content of your digital edition

Circulation - current circulation size of the digital edition (for internal use)

Default Domain - the domain that will appear for all reader links

Disable Tutorial Popup - Disable the tutorial popup in the HTML 5 viewer

Drawer Background - changes the background color of drawer slide-outs

Drawer Background Opacity - changes the transparency of the drawer based on a number from 0 - 100 (100 being completely opaque)

Drawer Divider - affects the color of the border of drawer slide-outs and navigation toolbars (the color of the edge)

Drawer Text - changes the color of text found in drawer slide-outs

Edit Share With A Friend Email (Article) - customize the look of the  share email that will be sent, when readers share articles through email

Edit Share With A Friend Email (Publication) - customize the look of  the share email that will be sent, when readers share the publication  through email

Enable Push Notifications - (Native iOS App Feature ONLY) enables  Push Notifications that alert a reader of content updates, messages, and  other events within an app

Include Issue Archive in Menu - enable the Archive option in the Menu

InfoDeck Icon -  icon that appears in the RSS bar at the bottom of the issue when viewing in the app

InfoDeck Link -  a URL that is associated to the InfoDeck and will launch at the opening of the app in the issue gallery

InfoDeck Title -  the title that appears in the RSS bar at the bottom of the issue when viewing in the app

iPhone Icon - icon that appears above the issue when the reader is  viewing the issue from the mobile browser or when readers bookmark the  publication to a mobile desktop

Language - select language for the toolbar options to display in

Manage Social Network Settings For This Publication - choose from a  preset list of social networks that allows you to disable and manage  which networks will appear to the viewer for sharing the publication or  pages within the publication

Notifications Email - override the publisher's contact email for issue activation messages

Publication Custom Logo Description - description that appears when hovering over the toolbar logo

Publication Logo - logo that appears in the center of the screen when the issue is loading

Publication/Collection Name - name of the publication, to be displayed publicly

Publication/Document Group Type - the type of publication being uploaded

Publication Viewer Without Branding - removes the default branding  from the viewer (such as publisher logos), providing a basic non-branded  URL link and may incur an additional charge per page

Publication Website - the URL to be associated with the toolbar logo  for all issues within this publication (can be offset on an individual  issue basis)

Publish Frequency - specify how often new issues will be published

Registration Disclaimer - Enter in the text that will be displayed on  the Registration landing page* (for titles that have a Registration set  up)

Right to Left (Mobile Apps Only) - (Native App Feature) displays  issues in an ascending order in the issue gallery (oldest to newest);  note this appears in all app platforms

RSS Add/Description - enter RSS feed URL along with a brief description of the feed, for use within apps

Save as Default for Future Publications - an option that allows  future publications to be created with the same preset options selected

Setup Method - select the service level as a default (allows you to  bypass the service selection section during the upload process)

Show Change Reader Password Link - provides mechanism for a user to  change their password when accessing a publication with a subscription

Sidebar Title - enter in the title of the Sidebar

Use RSS Feeds in InfoDeck - (Native App Feature) enables the RSS feed or InfoDeck to appear in the app