Compatibility Requirements

General Info

Internet Connection

A broadband connection is required to view our digital editions. Due to the nature of our digital publishing platform, dial-up connections simply do not have enough bandwidth to achieve a satisfactory reader experience.


If you are accessing our website through a firewall or proxy, check with your network administrator to determine if cookies are permitted. Also if you are using a proxy (depending on your settings) you may not always be viewing the most current version of the publication platform.

Pop-Up Blockers

If you have a pop-up blocker installed, it may also prevent some functionality on the publication platform.

Display Resolution

Our viewer requires a MINIMUM resolution of 1024x768. Higher resolutions are supported and recommended.

HTML5 Viewer

Supported browsers

  • iPad/Phone - iOS 5+ Safari, Chrome 23+, Firefox 19+
  • Android - Chrome 23+, Firefox 19+
  • Desktop - Chrome 23+, Firefox 19+, Internet Explorer 10+, Safari 5+
  • Microsoft Edge 38+ (Windows 10)

Supported features

Navigation Elements

  • Pinch and Reverse Pinch Zoom
  • URL links
  • Article links - display in media deck
  • Page-to-Page links
  • Search-enabled - per issue and publication
  • PDF downloads (if enabled)
  • Archive issues (if allowed by publisher)
  • Advertisers
  • Full Screen mode
  • Orientation handling/Adaptive Layout for mobile devices
  • Spread or Single Page Viewing
  • Left/Right navigation buttons for non-touch devices
  • Slide transition
  • Scrubber - visual page scroll and selection


  1. Embedded Video
  2. Popup Video
  3. Autoplay Video[2]
  4. Audio
  5. Slideshows


Print Functionality (entire publication, current page, or a specific range of pages)


Smart App Banner - reader notification that a Native App exists for that publication (iOS devices only)


Retail (Catalogs and Circulars) features - Rollovers


Supported customization

Custom/masked publication domain names

Background color and text color of these areas can be customized

  • Toolbar
  • Search Panel
  • Table of Contents




Thermostats integration

Flash/Flex Viewer

Supported Browsers

Our publication platform is compatible with several browsers on various operating systems.

The following browsers are officially supported:


  • Firefox 4+ (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Internet Explorer 8+ (Windows) [1]
  • Safari 4+ (Windows, Mac)
  • Chrome 11+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) 

Using older browsers, non-compatible browsers or disabling browser features, such as Javascript, Flash, cookies and SSL, may reduce platform functionality.

Adobe Flash

The Adobe Flash Player plugin (version 8 or higher) must be installed for your particular browser to view the Flash version of the publication platform.


  1. SSL support in Windows XP + Internet Explorer 8 requires SP3.
  2. Autoplay video on the first page is not supported on iOS devices.