Add A Login Token To A Subscription Option

This option is best used for short-term promotions. The login token/coupon code is auto-generated and used instead of a login and password.

The login token/coupon code option can either be time based or view based. It is important to note that with this option, your Thermostats reports may be skewed. Since all users are using the same login token/coupon to access the Digital Edition, the metrics will reflect just one user.

With a Login Token/Coupon Code subscription option, you have two options. You can setup your list in the Subscriptions tab either as a paid subscription, or a login only.

Please distribute the login token accordingly. A few examples of distributing the login token would be at a conference, in an email newsletter, on your website

To set up as a paid subscription, refer to the Paid Subscription chapter.

Click here for steps on How to Setup A Paid Subscription.

To set up as a login only, refer to the Login Only chapter.

Click here for steps on How to Setup A Login Only.