What Items Are Needed

iPhone Icon - icon that appears above the issue when the reader is viewing the issue from the mobile browser or when readers bookmark the publication to a mobile desktop

The following is a list, complete with explanations, of the components necessary to successfully build an iOS app.

App Name and Desktop Name

The App Name is the formal name of the app and is what appears within the App Store. It can be no longer than 255 bytes and is suggested to be no longer than 30 characters

Note: Best efforts will be made to secure the name requested. If the requested name is unavailable, you will be contacted for an alternative. Apple will not accept two apps of the same name in iTunes.

A Desktop Name is the label that appears beneath the app icon on a reader's device. These should be no longer than 12 characters in order to ensure the full name appears under the icon. Longer names, while accepted, will appear shortened with a set of ellipsis between the beginning and end of the name.

App Category & Availability

The App Category determines categorization of your app within the app store. Select an appropriate option based on the content of your publication. If you are submitting an app to Newsstand, your category is labeled Newsstand automatically. Newsstand apps can then choose a sub-category to more accurately label their content.

Availability is determined by country. To restrict the availability of your app(s), simply list approved countries on the app form.

Category Newsstand Sub-Category
Books Arts & Photography
Business Automotive
Catalogs Brides & Weddings
Education Business & Investing
Entertainment Children’s Magazine
Finance Computers & Internet
Food & Drink Cooking, Food & Drink
Games Craft & Hobbies
Health & Fitness Electronics & Audio
Lifestyle Entertainment
Medical Fashion & Style
Music Health, Mind & Body
Navigation History
News Home & Garden
Photo & Video Literary Magazine & Journals
Productivity Men’s Interest
Reference Movies & Music
Social Networking News & Politics
Sports Outdoor & Nature
Travel Parenting & Family
Utilities Pets
Weather Professional & Trade
Regional News
Sports and Leisure
Travel & Regional
Women’s Interest

App Description

This is a detailed description of the app content, to be displayed within the App Store. The length can not exceed 4,000 characters however a length between 200 and 1,000 characters is recommended. Descriptions must also contain a labeled link to your privacy policy.

If you are submitting in-app paid content, your description must also cover the following:

  • Subscription Options
  • Length of the Subscription(s)
  • Price of the Subscription(s)
  • Information telling the reader that subscriptions auto-renew
  • Include links to your Terms of Use.


Keywords are used the help facilitate searching within the App Store. Provide one or more keywords that accurately describes or pertains to your app. Keywords should be separated by commas for best results, however spacing and punctuation count towards Apple's 100 byte limit.

Supporting URLs

Apple requires the inclusion of a Support URL that is not longer that 2048 characters. This URL should contain contact information or a form that allows readers to contact you with inquiries, issues and general feedback. Apple also requires a Privacy Policy URL, as mentioned in the App Description section.

Additionally you may opt to provide an Application URL -- a webpage that provides additional information regarding your app.


You will also need to determine if you plan to offer your content in Newsstand. Newsstand is a specific section of iOS dedicated to housing publications. Newsstand apps automatically update with the latest cover thumbnail images, giving the impression of an up-to-date, physical newsstand. The only prerequisites to be included in Newsstand is to publish quarterly (at minimum) and offer Auto-Renewing Subscription(s).

A Newsstand Cover Art Image will also need to be submitted in your app request, if you plan to include your app in Newsstand.

Note: Apple has final determination in accepting or rejecting apps, including the inclusion to Newsstand. Some content may not be suitable for Newsstand. If you have concerns regarding appropriate content, contact your Account Representative


As a part of your app submission, you will need to rate your app's content within Apple's App Store Ratings framework. The information is provided here for your convenience, but responsibility lies with you to accurately rate your content in accordance with Apple's Guidelines.

Apple Content Description None Infrequent/Mild Frequent/Intense
Cartoon of Fantasy Violence
Realistic Violence
Sexual Content or Nudity
Profanity or Crude Humor
Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or Reference
Mature/Suggestive Themes
Simulated Gambling
Horror/Fear Themes
Prolonged Graphic or Sadistic Realistic Violence
Graphic Sexual Content and Nudity

App Images and Icons

The following graphics are required based on your decision to submit iPhone or iPad app(s) and if they are to be included in Newsstand. Note that all images must meet the following standard:

  • No shine or gloss on the images
  • No transparent images
  • Images must be flattened
  • All images must be RGB
  • No rounded corners
iPad iPhone
Application Icon
152 x 152 PNG 24-bit
Application Icon
120 x 120 PNG 24-bit
Launch Image (Portrait)
1536 x 2008 PNG 24-bit
Launch Image (Portrait)
640 x 960 PNG 24-bit
Launch Image (Landscape)
2048 x 1496 PNG 24-bit
Launch Image iPhone 5 (Portrait)
640 x 1136 PNG or JPEG 24-bit
App Store Icon
1024 x 1024 PNG or JPEG 24-bit
App Store Icon
1024 x 1024 PNG or JPEG 24-bit
iOS7 Default Portrait Image Retina
1536 x 2048 PNG
Launch Image (Landscape)
960 x 640 PNG 24-bit
iOS7 Default Landscape Image Retina
2048 x 1536 PNG
Launch Image iPhone 5 (Landscape)
1136 x 640 PNG 24-bit

Newsstand Cover Art

An additional image asset is required to submit to Newsstand. This image is a cover thumbnail that will be visible to readers after they have downloaded the app in Newsstand but before the reader opens the app and downloads an issue for the first time. As such, it should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • PNG Format
  • A reasonable facsimile of the cover without representing a specific issue or App icons in use
  • Asset Size: 1024 pixels or greater on its longest size (iPhone, iPad)
  • Aspect Ratio: Between 1:2 and 2:1