How To Add YouTube and Vimeo Destinations To Your Customizable Menu

1. From your dashboard, click the "Edit Settings" icon within the publication title bar and select "Customizable Menu"

Note: If your account is setup to be invoice-able, you will be prompted to opt-in to this option for the first time. If your account is not set up to be invoice-able, you will be prompted to contact Support for further assistance.

2. Select "Add Destination"

3. Select the YouTube or Vimeo Link/Feed destination* from the table

Note: Selecting the "YouTube Video Channel Link" or "Vimeo Channel Link" Destination will create an external link to those outlets. To keep your reader within the digital edition, we recommend using the "YouTube Video Feed" or "Vimeo Video Feed" destinations. Those options will feed your channel directly into our responsive platform.

4. Enter in the destination details accordingly*

Note: For Video Feed Destinations, you will need to enter in the User Name of the channel that will be fed into the digital edition.

5. Select "Save" to return to the previous page

Note: Multiple channels or feeds can be added to your Customizable Menu by simply repeating steps 2 thru 5 as desired.